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TOVO Academy
Liverpool SC coaches Mike McDonald, Edwin Lee and Jason Aldous with Todd Beane of TOVO in Barcelona. Spending the week learning about positional play and the Tovo way.

Girls 09 Coronado Cup First Place

Liverpool SC players at San Diego Sockers game

Liverpool Soccer Club 2017 Sweepstakes


$1500 Grand Prize Leslie Bartlet SOLD BY G2002 Cable
Barona Getaway Lewis Marsh SOLD BY G2009 Toomer
55″ Ultra HDTV Linda Cruz SOLD BY B2009 Kuehler
Golf Package Trevino SOLD BY B2009 Moore
Dinner and Movie Marilee SOLD BY G2000 McDonald


$100(Selling Grand Prize) Marilyn Downing G2002 Cable
$100(Top Seller) Skylar Martinez G2006 Aldous
Pizza Party(7v7) G2008 Estrada
Pizza Party(9v9) G2007 McDonald
Pizza Party(11v11) G2003 Trask
TV Mina Mcelree G2010 McEntee
Cold Stone Gift Card Aiden Macias B2008 Leffew
Cold Stone Gift Card Tam Bugg G2008 Powell
Cold Stone Gift Card Eydie Riffle G2003 Trask
Subway Gift Card Austin Butrovich B2002 Cable
Subway Gift Card Savannah Villa G2008 Estrada
Subway Gift Card Ryder Lynn B2005 Lee
Subway Gift Card Samara G2009 Toomer
Subway Gift Card Hayley G2008 Powell
Subway Gift Card Vivian G2008 Powell
Jamba Juice Gift Card Cameron G2008 Powell
Jamba Juice Gift Card Kaden Kelton B2009 Moore
Jamba Juice Gift Card Mason Sautter B2006 Kuehler
Jamba Juice Gift Card Suheylee Gonzalez G2010 McEntee
Einstein Bagel Gift Card Maddie Vollot G2002 Kealaluhi
McDonald Gift Card Ravan H G2007 McEntee
McDonald Gift Card Christian S B2007 Connor
Starbucks Gift Card Quinn Moore B2009 Moore
Starbucks Gift Card Taya Oharran G2005 Anderson
Starbucks Gift Card Matthew Mitchell B2006 Kuehler